GECKO has different sets of workflows to choose from

Inbuilt workflows


Streamline your workflows to focus on key deliverables with GECKOs overarching solution to oversee all governance, operations and compliance. Fund managers, compliance, risk and operations teams can hinge decisively on GECKO to make the best use of time and resources and prove out their compliance.

Key Features

Centralised Management Dashboard

Provides advanced task tracking and an accurate, birds eye view of your operations.

Compliance monitoring & oversight

Monitor all ongoing activites with a real-time compliance view and the ability to drill, analyse and take action on tasks within 3 clicks of a button.

Verifiable Audit Trail

Never fail with our audit trail - GECKO provides a time stamped record of all user activity.


  • Document Editing & Version Control
  • Customisable Reporting Tool
  • Calendar View & Scheduling Of Tasks