Compliance Solution Covering Multiple Jurisdictions

Flexible workflows


Streamline your workflows to focus on key deliverables with GECKOs overarching solution to oversee all governance, operations and prove out their compliance.

Specifically Designed For

Fund Managers, Compliance, Risk, Operations & Asset/Fund Management Teams, Board of Directors, Corporate Secretaries, Depositories, Fund Administrators.

Client Onboarding

Shorten and manage the entire onboarding process and related activities such as KYC, credit check and legal. GECKO reduces redundant data entry and collection with automated workflows and scheduled notifications. i.e. Chasing documentation,saving files on drives from email, filling in excel sheets can all be simplified and automated through the use of our API.

Due Diligence

Facilitates initial, ongoing and annual due diligence reviews. Efficiently receive and review previous DDQ responses and easily edit as and when needed, along with a single repository of customer data that acts as the ‘golden source’ for all interactions, permitting ease of access and re-use of client data and documentation to cut down on operational efficiencies.

New Fund Launch

Gather, identify and have a central store for all relevant client documentation (i.e. beneficial ownership forms/SLAs, minimising duplication and manual errors) throughout the fund launch process with clear correspondence between various teams.

Regulatory Compliance

Built to meet the ever changing needs of Management Companies, GECKO allows firms to focus on meeting their legal and regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions. Providing a holistic, real-time view of delegates, tasks and responsibilities, all activity is formally recorded and stored, evidencing how the relevant conclusion was reached at the click of a button.

Risk Management

A 360 degree view and full suite of controls for task management from one centralised dashboard reduces errors, duplication and leads to better risk management.

Audit Cycle

The ease of access to data no longer makes reporting or audit cycles labour intensive and time consuming, therefore reducing duplication, manual work errors and inefficiencies.

ManCo Oversight Fund Governance

With a lot of moving parts to be tracked at the one time when managing multiple funds/companies, GECKO acts as a central hub for you to directly access all relevant files, board packs and relevant documentation on which you can create criter.


If you have a different challenge, please get in touch with us to see how GECKO can create cost and operational efficiencies.

Key Features

Centralised Management Dashboard

Provides advanced task tracking and an accurate, birds eye view of your operations.

Compliance monitoring & oversight

Monitor all ongoing activites with a real-time compliance view and the ability to drill, analyse and take action on tasks within 3 clicks of a button.

Verifiable Audit Trail

Never fail with our audit trail - GECKO provides a time stamped record of all user activity.

Additional features


- Document Editing & Version Control
- Customisable Reporting Tool
- Calendar View & Scheduling Of Tasks