Fund Governance, Simplified.

If you think Compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.

GECKO helps you steer away from

Spreadsheet Hell

We understand the headaches associated with organising data and managing compliance related projects on spreadsheets.

GECKO has the ability to pull in your manual spreadsheet data and give you a real-time Governance Dashboard with an end to end holistic view of current, progress and upcoming deadlines.

GECKO Solutions

Our suite of inbuilt workflows are designed by subject matter experts who can address regulatory hotspots and carefully adapt the right solution.

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The GECKO team use their experience and knowledge to write extensively about Compliance, Regulations and Technology.

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Future of Fintech

Beyond Covid-19

Escape Spreadsheet Hell

Stay away from Spreadsheet Hell

What we do

Built to address the needs of the financial services industry, GECKO Governance enables financial services companies to schedule all their end to end compliance and regulatory tasks.

Compliance game-changer

Future Proof your compliance Universe.

Real-Time Dashboard

One live centralized dashboard.


Award winning RegTech solution for the financial industry.

Verifiable Audit Trail

Independent verifiable audit trail for all Fund and Banking regulation.

Worldwide Compliance

Manage all the global compliance regulation including - Europe(CP86), US(40 Act/CCAR), Australia(Chapter 5C).

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